About Laura

Someone once told me that I make things happen. That’s true. I love to strategize, plan, organize, and get things done. In fact, those are a few of the strengths that show up on every behavior or personality assessment that I’ve ever taken.

I have worked in the nonprofit industry for over thirty years as an executive director, fundraiser, and operations director. I also have experience in the for-profit world in advertising, sales, retail, and operating a  small business.

Because of my experience, I fully understand the challenges of running a nonprofit organization. It’s like having your own business. You literally do everything -- operations, human resources, finance, fundraising, and sometimes even mopping the floors.

I understand that nonprofit work is hard -- it’s messy – and it’s unbelievable rewarding. It can also take a toll on its people, especially the person at the top. That’s why I started Redbud Advisory Group, so that nonprofit CEO’s have someone who will listen, understand, and come alongside them to help them fulfill their missions and achieve their dreams.

I call it Redbud Advisory Group because I have a fantastic group of partners with whom I work. These individuals and companies provide great service to their clients and I trust them implicitly.

If I refer you to one of them, rest assured that you’ll receive the same level of service and support from them that you receive from me.

Here are just a few:

  • T&S Online Marketing – web design, social media, online marketing
  • Heartland Business Solutions – bookkeeping and accounting
  • Pipelime - marketing and brand messaging
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How can I help? Send me an email and be sure to include how I can contact you. You can also give me a call using the number below. Look forward to meeting you!


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